1:18 2020 Shelby Mustang GT500 – White


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1:18 2020 Shelby Mustang GT500- White

since its 1967 model year debut, the Shelby GT500 has been the pinnacle of the performance line for Ford’s famous pony car. The 2020 Shelby GT500 continues that tradition with a supercharges V8 that delivers a staggering 760 horsepower, making it the most powerful street-legal vehicle ever built by Ford. Capture that excitement with tis highly detailed 1:18 scale Maisto diecast, complete with opening doors, trunk, and hood. It is an essential addition to any Shelby diecast collection.

  • 1:18 scale model diecast
  • 2020 Shelby Mustang-White
  • Made by: Maisto

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