1:18 1966 #2 Ford GT-40 MK II Diecast


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1:18 1966 #2 Ford GT-40 MK II Diecast

The Ford GT40 is one of the most recognized American supercars, as well as being awesome on the road and unstoppable on the racetrack. These first generation cars were the inspiration for the present-day Ford GT.
It began in the early 60’s when Henry Ford wanted to build a race car that would trounce arch rival Ferrari. Shelby delivered for Ford with the GT40 MK II with dominating victories across the globe. The car will forever be etched into racing history.

  • 1:18th Scale Diecast model car
  • Doors, hood and trunk open
  • Wheels steer and roll
  • Detailed interior and exterior
  • Rubber tires

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